2016 Super High Roller Bowl $300,000 Buy-In announced

Poker Central, which is very first 24/7 poker television network in the world, introduced their marquee event last year – the Super High Roller Bowl. The 1st running of the high stakes tournament and Poker PROduction’s reportage of the event were both huge successes and as a result Super High Roller Bowl is back for this year.
The event, this year, would feature a US$ 300000 buy-in, down from half-a-million in 2015. The tournament would play out 7 handed, with a forty-nine seat cap as well as fourteen seats being saved for Aria’s non-pro super high rollers.
Poker Central chief executive officer Clint Stinchcomb told that this just leaves thirty-five seats for other players. As interest has already built up, they expect to sell out quickly. ARIA would start accepting player wedges to lock-in their seats on 22nd January.
Also worth noticing is the fact that sponsors would add US$ 300000 to the prize pool this year, making this tournament negative rake. The organizers are predicting a 1st spot prize of US$ 5 million as well as a total prize pool of US$ 15 million.

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Quinn Do has an international winning predisposition

One of the most intriguing gambling games at the casino industry is poker, it presents viable betting avenues to enlarge or diminish your bankroll instantly. The path becomes tricky in high-profile global tournaments that are magnets to poker professionals from different corners of the world.

Thus, for a player to successfully outlast an army of gambling gurus, it takes shrewd strategies and innate betting to minimize losses where possible. Quinn Do is an American-Vietnamese poker professional whose resume encloses numerous remarkable plays at these events. At the nascent stages of his gambling ventures, he has straddled between the WSOP and the WPT where he has managed to amass substantial earnings for his bankroll.

Quinn rose to international prominence after winning the World Series of Poker bracelet while his multifarious live event results amount to $1.9 million. He finished in the money six times at the WSOP, with two final tables.

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Alexander Kravchenko is Russian but boasts shrewdness in poker

The poker arenas are tempting to anyone who throws the hat in the fiercely competitive casino games.

The top prize that is garnered from the huge pool of entrants like in the WSOP and the World Poker Tour can be a fortuitous offer for the toughest players who may cash in or final table. Russians have a penchant for gambling; in fact some players have managed to play at global poker circuits.

One poker pro who has risen to the top in the list of Russians is Alexander Kravchenko. He is currently a Moscow denizen and featured in a main event in 2007. His resume interposes remarkable winnings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Luca Pagano is Among the Top-Notch Poker Pros

Poker is a good venture if you join with the skills and strategies that behoove one to possess in order to succeed. Recently, with the paradigm shift of poker to online platforms, enthusiasts who have a penchant for the game have discovered they can lean on virtual games to sharpen their skills, enlarge the bankroll and double their winnings. Luca Pagano is a player who started from the bottom moving up to the pedestals of poker by playing online primitively. He is adept in playing various limit hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha. Besides his resume engulfs various big tournament wins that cement his status as a top-notch. It is his exemplary play that has extricated him from the enigmatic waters of the poker industry.

In 2002, Pagano competed at the Torneo Di Poker (Nova Gorica) in Italy and managed two final tables. In March the next year, he proceeded to the BO/British Open, final tabling at the Pot Limit Omaha High-Low Main Event. Meanwhile, in 2004, the pioneer Italian Championship was hosted in Venice, he threw his hat in Pot Limit Omaha Hold’em Mixed event where he final tabled. In the fall of the EPT series, he played at its Barcelona stop where he performed excellently in the 1,000 European Pounds Buy-in tournament as he final tabled and placed third for 20,000 European Pounds. He proceeded to France where he played at the EPT Deauville in the early months of 2005   and managed a final table in the No Limit Hold’em finishing 8th to scoop 13,500 European Pounds. Pagano has had a penchant for the EPT, thankfully, he shone at the 2008 EPT 10,000 European Pounds Buy-in in Monte Carlo placing sixth and took home 337,000 European Pounds.

He has also played at the All Stars Poker in Nova Gorica winning the €10,000 Buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament raking in €200,000. He has recently continued playing online where he has performed well and subsequently fished substantial sums for his jackpot.

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Dag Palovic, a TV personality has changed into the best poker player

Dag Palovic has been popular for being a TV personality. He has enjoyed being the host in several of the TV shows. Apart from just the TV shows, he has been proud of playing few roles in Slovak movies in the mid 80s. As part of his old career as TV personality he has done enough of interviews with the celebrities like Lenny Kravitz, Lauryn Hill and few others. Of course he also had a very personal life with the great top model Zuzana Gregorova. He was in love with her since 2006 to 2009 and after that he loves only poker but no one else thus being a single with no children.

Leaving his personal aside, his poker career is very much interesting with 12 cash prizes. He is originated from Slovakia from where we hardly would see the poker players. He seems to be in news as a poker player since the year 2007 after which he did not found to be hesitant to be in the poker world as he played enough of games though not all of them were making good records for winning the cash prizes.  He definitely has good cash prizes measuring in 6 digits. In EPT Main Event 2007 EPT Prague – Season IV he finished in 7th position and won the first 6 digit cash prize of $131,040.

It happened in the month of December 2007 after which he once again participated in the big event EPT Main Event 2008 EPT San Remo – Season IV during April 2008 and was able to finish 7th position again at the final table and has won the cash prize of $175,526. Of course one other big cash prize was $206,395 which he was able to make in the year 2010 for playing in $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event 2010 41st Annual World Series of Poker. Like this he has very good record for playing and winning in poker.

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Vicky Coren, best journalist who practices well to manage playing poker

Women should be proud of Vicky Coren as she has the loveliest career as the well known writer and also as the TV presenter. Does anyone would give less score for a woman who have such a wonderful career. To her surprise her hard work paid her when she won the competition that is conducted for giving the chance to write the weekly newspaper column. She won this competition when she was at the age of 15 which shows her capability and caliber. Initially she was enjoying her profession in writing for the newspaper columns. Later when his elder brother has taught her playing poker, she started dividing the time between these two as one is her passion and the other is the best money earning source.

She started her poker profession in the year 2004, through the European Poker Championships where she came 2nd at the final table thus winning $49,273. Something more fetching for her in terms of cash and fame is winning 1st position at the final table at EPT London having the No Limit Hold’em in September 2006. The cash prize that she won in this event is $941,513. Even in April 2014, she has won a big amount through the EPT Sanremo hosting the same No Limit Hold’em Main Event where she again got 1st position at the final table with the cash prize of $660,947 which is really a good amount that she might have felt happy for winning such a huge cash prize.

Apart from her poker career, she was able to manage her journalism profession by publishing several of the books across several topics. She was happy to be the poker columnist for the famous “The Guardian Newspaper” in the UK. She hosted the BBC radio 4 series. She gave best BBC documentaries along with hosting the quiz shows on the TV. She has also managed her career as the commentator for various poker shows. Thus she balances out her profession and poker world.

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Teen Buzz over Facebook Poker

Facebook poker chips are much the same as basically all different sorts of electronic coinage on the expression wide web, aside from they’re significantly more in vogue. Otherwise called Zynga poker chips, Bebo poker chips, or Myspace poker chips, they are used inside the advanced Texas hold ‘em poker recreations found on informal communication sites by online players practically everywhere throughout the planet from the United States, to Australia to Paris, till New Zealand.

Members play within the project. It is consequent to getting together in different layered poker tables that are situated up in respect to the rate of Myspace poker chips they have to purchase in with. They have the ability to play at rooms with buying as low as one hundred, a couple of thousand, or a huge number of Facebook chips. The entire route up to several millions and as a rule even billions of chips.

The opposition in the diversion is ferocious and players are continually battling for the opportunity to have their name put on the main 100 rundown. The list is made out of the best gamers that have picked up the largest amounts of Zynga poker chips from all corners of the globe. Each and every individual in the amusement is stacked up regarding their relative position contrasted with each other player, and additionally against their companion records. Case in point, somebody can control a rank of 90 on the planet, however still be number 1 on his individual companion rundown which is made out of great companions, relatives, and work environment partners inside the provision.

Facebook poker chips hold no genuine esteem outside the advanced dividers of the requisition. However that hasn’t halted practically 35 million people, especially teens from all foundations, genders, and age bunches from vaulting it to one of the heading gaming projects in later history on Myspace and Facebook.

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Controversial and mercurial: Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth, one of the most decorated poker players in the world, was born in Madison, Wisconsin. He now lives with his wife and their two children in Palo Alto, California. He is stacked up third on the unsurpassed cash listing of 1989, the 24-year-old Hellmuth turned into the most youthful player to win the Main Event of the WSOP by crushing the two-time champion Johnny Chan; his record has since been broken twice.

Texas Hold’em is the game of choice for Hellmuth as twelve of his thirteen bracelets are from these games. At the 2006 WSOP, Hellmuth caught his tenth bracelet in the No Limit Hold’em, $1,000 with re-buy in event. Although Hellmuth has not won a World Poker Tour competition, he has lost 13 times and has appeared in four final events in WPT events. Hellmuth makes customary appearances on scenes of the popular show named Poker After Dark.

Hellmuth won his first official Poker After Dark competition in the third season where he went home after winning a net amount of $100,000. Hellmuth then came back two weeks after the fact and guaranteed his second title. This time he increased his winning to an alternate $100,000. Hellmuth is the champion of season 3 of Late Night Poker. Hellmuth has made some instructional poker films also. He has composed numerous articles for leading gambling magazine, Cardplayer magazine and some poker books. His most recent and most acclaimed book is called “Deal Me In”.

This book is an accumulation of 20 sections, every one of which is concentrating on one of the top 20 most successful poker players on the planet. It is the first book distributed by Phil Hellmuth’s organization and was composed by Stephen John. Sections incorporate histories of Phil Hellmuth himself, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Chan, Chris Ferguson, Scotty Nguyen and several others.

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WSOP 2013 E18 – Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2013

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WSOP: Poker showdown between AlyMew vs YouTubeDude

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